Monday, June 28, 2010

Berry, Berry Good Monday

I picked these mulberries from my morning walk. P is working from home today, so we decided to drift a little further on Sheppard West, and were soon “into the wild” of Earl Bales Park.

IMG_9117I saw red, pink, purple, and black berries fallen from the lone Mulberry tree there. They seemed too difficult to resist for someone who has endearing mulberry memories from her childhood. For those I could not reach, I armed myself with a branch lying there and started aiming at the berries, impressing my own self in the process.

IMG_9119 I gathered all I could in this biiiiiig leaf and brought them back, stopping to pick up the little mulberries which were falling off…

IMG_9123Did you know botanically the mulberry fruit is not a berry but a collective fruit, in appearance like a swollen loganberry.

IMG_9125Back home, I gave them a good wash before both P and I picked each succulent berry up and experienced their sweet nectar burst in our mouths!

IMG_9126Our hearts singing Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bushwell almost.


GB said...

Our backyard is lined with mulberry trees! We just moved here (from MUCH colder climes) so imagine my delight when we saw mulberry trees -in our own backyard at that!

Sadly mulberry season is already over in our neck of the woods...but we sure had a good time!!

Sayantani said...

its been ages that I have tasted mulberries. we used to pick and snack on them during seasons. but...loved those pics Pree.

Sushma Mallya said...

Lovely clicks pree