Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Hard Day’s Night & Fried Noodle Soup Delight

I come back today with the promise of a soup recipe for my friend RS, who lives by herself and often works late. By the time she comes back home, she is so dog-tired that the idea of cooking something for herself does not appeal to her at all. She ends up eating out and then burning calories on the treadmill!

I have been there and done that too! Hence my experiments with food often are results of my own experiences.
IMG_8384RS, this soup is for you and hundreds of bachelorettes who fly high but like the comfort of their own kitchen. IMG_8371Ingredients for Fried Noodle Soup are:

6 cups broth/stock (vegetable or chicken)
1 cup fried noodles
Half cup bean sprouts
One and half cup bok choy, stems removed
Few flowerets of broccoli
Handful of very finely sliced green onions
Quarter cup julienned carrots
Handful of cilantro leaves
2 tablespoon dark soy sauce 
1 tablespoon green chili sauce
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Little dice of unsalted butter
Salt and pepper for seasoning

IMG_8381 Fry the noodles in oil till crispy, drain excess oil on paper towels and keep aside.

In a large open mouth sauce pan, boil the stock with little butter and add all the vegetables one by one – starting from the most hardy. Season with soy sauce, chili sauce, and black pepper powder. Check on the salt as soy sauce already is salty.

We don’t need to cook the vegetables, its important to maintain the crunch and the color in this soup.

Ladle out the soup in bowls and top it with the fried noodles. Garnish with green onions and cilantro leaves.

IMG_8372IMG_8385 I wouldn’t suggest making this soup ahead of time, as it is important not to have soggy vegetables in it. Cook and serve only when you are about to eat.IMG_8388Comfort food on your couch will never let you down! Ask the boys from The Beatles…


Rajni said...


Thanks Pree..that was really quick :)

Will try it out and let you know how it turns out :)


Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

looks bful and delcious dear..awesome color..pls collect ur award from my blog

Shilpa said...

Am just amazed with your recipes...
Keep them coming :)

Jaya said...

looks too good and quick to make.Frying noodles and then adding it to soup is new to me.
I usually make all at one go(sometimes with other pasta shapes also) in a pressure cooker,one whistle and all done.
hugs and smiles

Sharmila said...

I have been intending to post this as a request from a blogger friend ... you beat me to it. :-)
Ami noodles fry kori na ... that crunch must be great.

PreeOccupied said...

@Jaya, pressure cooker 'e soup? O babahhh! ;-)

@Sharmila, tumi o toh aamaar theke aage aam pora banie khe nile. :-)

Noodles fry kore daekho, khoob bhalo lage, but serve immediately.