Thursday, May 06, 2010

Long Distance Pep Talk Does Work

I have now officially expanded myself to Kaviana’s infectious enthusiasm and self-belief. Kaviana is a friend who lives in another continent, another time zone. She was going to bed and I was just beginning to start my day. I ventilated my cribs knowing she will listen or perhaps pretend to. Its difficult to figure out when you are writing on the wall of an Instant Messenger, and all you can see is a thumbnail-size photo for a face.

At the end of my monologue venting, she did not ask me to hug a tree or go outside and look at the blue sky and scream Hallelujah!

Kaviana is not a stereotype woman who lets destiny decide things for her. She is someone who would spend her whole day doing a solitary swamp walk and be completely fulfilled by it. At the end of the day, she would even take time out to French braid her daughter’s hair or weave colorful beads in them and enjoy a stiff drink with her husband before ordering take out. Without being all guilt-stricken about it. 
25849_1273235194267_1331523124_30661754_4947124_nThe cue words I remember from my conversation with Kaviana are – decision, feel, recognize, right, discovery.

Stream them in a sentence and you will hear Kaviana say – Its your decision what you do. Don't let other people make you feel you are not doing well enough. You alone have that right. And feel proud of what you just discovered about yourself.

This much-needed pep talk did not diminish in its stature just because it was long distance. Its endless possibilities have made it remain with me and letting me take a perspective on it while I chronicle it.

There are certain ideas worth spreading and surely there are certain friends worth having. Often times its your friends who have the most riveting thoughts to brighten your day. Even if it is just one day…IMG_7818Kaviana’s presence though only online, was refreshing. Just like a slice of sweet watermelon on a hot, sunny day. A slice loaded with juices and vitamins and seeds. You savor the fruit and the sweet nectar and toss the seeds just where they belong to!
IMG_7828 IMG_7823

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