Friday, October 01, 2010

Peas Pulao Against Plagiarism…

…and to appease the Rānāchandi in me. After what I stumbled onto yesterday.

My payesh My payesh1My Payesh recipe copy-pasted verbatim, my photograph used, the watermark cleverly removed! The Blog owner wrote in her introduction that she was making it for her special friend on a special request. I could not even leave a comment on this Blog (, apparently the owner had disabled comments!

I posted my woe on my Facebook profile. The kind people who enjoy reading my Blog promptly replied. I emailed the Thief. I alerted other Food Bloggers whose work I could identify in the Thief’s site. I went to bed with a bitter taste in my mouth.

A note of shamelessness awaited me in the morning from the Thief.

"Sayanti Sarkar" <>



thanks for this mail...otherwise I would'nt hv know wat was happening using my name.....oh hole shit......after getting this mail did a google search and saw something really crap!!!!!

suddenly from morning my inbox were filled up with similar mails like you...and i am gettng sick and tired of replying them...... if i did dat i should not hv replied for your information.......

may be some of mah frnds has done this terrible cyber crime........... i donno....anyways i hv deleted the blog with help from the google blogger administrators..............!! will chk for sure who has done this!!!!


In the meantime, my friends and readers had also commented and emailed her. The Blog was removed/disabled from Blogspot.

But is this really an end? Do we have to keep a lookout for our stolen content from here on? How does one become a Blog monitor and why? I have so many questions in my head – are there any copyright laws for Bloggers like me?

If you have answers and suggestions, help this small-time food Blogger, who takes the pain to chop, cook, click and post. Its a lot of work you know.

I am still mad at yesterday’s discovery, and will probably be for the next few days. And in between being mad and blogging, I will still continue to cook and post here. Sometimes just for myself!

Ingredients for Peas Pulao are:

2 cups long-grain Basmati rice, washed and sieved for 10 minutes
1 cup green peas (I used frozen ones)
Half tablespoon freshly grated ginger
Three-fourths cup of room temperature water
Few drops of lemon juice
2 tablespoons melted ghee
Generous pinch of grated nutmeg
2+2 green and black cardamoms
1 small piece of cinnamon
2-3 cloves
2 bay leaves
Sugar (optional)

Heat ghee in a pan and add the bay leaves, cardamoms, cinnamon and cloves. Sauté for a few seconds, then add the rice.
Mix the rice well in the pan to coat it with the ghee. Add the grated ginger, green peas, salt and sugar. Mix again.
IMG_1846 IMG_1847
Gently mix the rice and peas for about five minutes. Add the grated nutmeg and mix again. Transfer the rice in a microwave-safe bowl. Add the water and few drops of lemon juice and cover with a cling film.
Microwave for 20 minutes. Check on the seasoning, if you think there is less salt, balance and microwave for a minute or so.
IMG_1850 Let the Peas Pulao stand for about 5-7 minutes before serving with the curry of your choice. I will serve it with some Mutton Curry and salad.

IMG_1856IMG_1852 IMG_1861 IMG_1858


GB said...

Pree, I just added a link to my post as well. I don't think this should go unnoticed.

Your pulao is great but that mutton curry......I think I really need to make the trip to the butcher.

Jaya said...

I dont know how we will be going to find a remedy for this took me almost one year and I am still clueless on how to tackle these cheap thieves..
anyways I am still not fully recovered from an after shock LOL..will resume blogging some times later.
Mangsho and pulao looks so delicious..
hugs and smiles

Sayantani said...

kije boli ar kije kori...matha kharap hoe jache bhebe bhebe. kadin age Jaya-o bolchilo same katha. ami kakhano khujini keu churi korche kina....kintu upay ki er? anekdin age Injipennu bole ak blogger er erokom hoechilo. take to threat die ultopalta bole kibhabei na hayran korechilo kichu bad loker dal.
tabe tumi matha thanda rekho. e somoy mon bhalo rekho ar sabdhane theko. peas pulao khub sundor amio anekta amon korei banai qty beshi banate hole.

GB said...

btw, what is Rānāchandi?

Silence Sings said...

DEar Pree...aakei ak bondhur shathe ei post stealing niye kotha bolchhilam....Even ami Jaya keo bolechhi tomakeo bolchhi cholo amra akta Fake bloggers Forum khuli...And we can hightlight the fake bloggers theke aar kono upaye achhe kina janina....ontoto amara amader voice shobai shonate parbo...noyeto google has to take some legal action for this....But kobe????? amar to mathta theke pa obdhi raag hoechhe....tomader kotha shune..nijer hole ki je korbo janina....

Priya said...

Pulao looks prefect and yummy..Am getting mad when someone stole our hard works..dunno when they gonna stop all these..

Sayantani said...

mail korechi dekho.

PreeOccupied said...

GB, thanks for sharing. Ranachandi is the angry Goddess Kali, but in this case, its a very furious Blogger.

Jaya, I hear you girl.

Sayantani, I have nothing to say for these losers.

Silence, its a good idea. Lets start something soon.

Priya, watch out, google your own content, your recipes are very mouthwatering. :-)

tojo said...

'nuther delicious microwave recipe from pree's kitchen:here's a suggestion;why not go on a micro-(s)pree?for instance the prawn shorshe bata,is an ideal candidate!

Sulagna said...

Wow...I'm really amazed to know that these kinds of shameless people exist..If they are so intent on blogging,why not do something on their own rather than stealing someone else's hardwork and posting it in their own blog ? I'm so angry..Tomar moner obostha bujhte parchi..Keep your cool..I really like what Kamalika has suggested..

By the way,peas pulao and mutton curry looks terrific..Amio eibhabe banai Peas Pulao.

Best Regards

Sudha said...

Hi Pree
this is sad, first I read about the copyright violation in the other wodnferful blog - A Mad tea party and now yours.

Silence Sings said...

Pree pls visit my blog and read the latest post....I have raised a voice against plagiarism....Hope to here from you....

Silence Sings said...

sorry...hear from you...spell mistakes...

Gouri Guha said...

Pree,this is no doubt a great threat. I have been a victim to this...not only the food but even some literary works been used.
Liked Kamalika's idea.While plagiarism will stay we have to find means to curb it.
The orinal text is after all the original production from ones own personal desk, a personal pride. chor ekta bhalo lekha ke sudhu churi aar nokol-e koete parbe kenona taar produce korar khomota nayee aar seshe dhora porbe. kote shameless hoye era...bhabte pari na...
Lovely pulao.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Hi Pree,
Ushnish kaku theke shunlam tomar blog er bepare. Erokom nirlojjo manush ra ki kore reply kore abar explanation de !!!! I can imagine your state of mind. Eto koshto kore ora watermark o shoriye de chobi gulor theke, etai boro ashcorjo bepar....If they are so talented/ clever then why can't they do something on their own???
I'm with Kamalika's idea. Btw Ei shob er modhoye tumi peas pulao ta darun baniyechob:-) Green peas gulo jano takiye ache amader dike.

Hamaree Rasoi

Jay said...

hy pree, plagiarism is undigestable and we are choiceless and cant identify these mad people...

btw...both the recipes are awesome...bookmarked..

Silence Sings said...

Pree, ami akta forum khulchhi may be I will post it about that today or 2morw....ami chai tumi tomar ei experience niye akta post lekho..jeta amra okhane post korbo...Tumi nijeo post korte paro...kintu tar jonnyo atomar email id lagbe jeta kina tomake author hishabe add kore debo....amake email koro

sangeeta said...

Hi Pree...i had checked out for this blog when i saw your comment on Anita's blog ( a mad tea party ) and yes the blog had been removed by that time. How can we monitor our blogs and spy for theft , it's just not possible but whenever we notice something that should be reported , there doesn't seem to be a way other than this.

The mutton curry looks awesome with the peas pulav :)

Anonymous said...

I´m so sorry, that´s just disgraceful! It must have hurt too. There´s not much that can be done in such cases, other than forcing Blogger or Wordpress to take down the offending website. You can send them an official and harshly worded e-mail, but don´t expect much out of it. I´m a patent lawyer, but have some experience with other IP including copyright. So if you have questions feel free to get in touch.

Cham said...

Sorry to hear about Plagiarism, i know the pain. I ve two posts related to Plagiarism (check on the top right side in my blog)- might help you.
But we cannot always do the police over the huge internet.

Anonymous said...

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