Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Attempt at Aromatherapy

Camphor, tea lights and an aromizer are a winning combination for some mid-week calmness.

IMG_2694Though its another story that I do it throughout the week. My home fills up with a therapeutic, cleansing and embalming fragrance of the camphor while I go about my chores. It pairs well with some lounge music too.

IMG_2708 It takes a few minutes for the aromizer to heat up from that little tea light, and once it has, a delicate steam rises from the warming water mixed with the camphor tablets.

IMG_2709 My memories of Karpoor (Sanskrit for Camphor) is not too great though. My great Grandmother used these waxy, white substance to flavor drinking water during the summers and also her marble-size Narkel Naru. I hated both.

Now, I am glad I have been able to re-discover this soul-soothing substance called camphor in my own way.


Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Nice attempt and lovely pics too !

GB said...

mmmmmmm. Now I really want to move next door. :) I threw open the windows today (we hit 70 (21 deg C) to get rid of any lingering masala smells.... it felt great! I have to try this when the weather isn't quite so pleasant (Tho' I'm known to do it in the dead of winter too--I just turn off the heat and don my coat and open a few windows... )

I actually had a couple of crazy friends who used to sleep with their windows open (in Ontario!)...Can't go to those lengths tho'.

GB said...

Is that still miss champa or one of her siblings?

sangeeta said...

I love camphor in my aroma lamp too . Do you use these many camphor tablets at a time?

Do you know vaporizing camphor this way is great for getting rid from negative thoughts too .... a renowned color therapist told this to me.

your aroma lamp looks great , mine is a simple brown basic one.

Anonymous said...

Oh..I have grown up seeing camphor widely used for veneration..especially for the saraswati pooja!
My fav oil these days for aromatherapy is lavender..thanks to a loot from The Body Shop's sale few months back.
Lucky u.. to be able to manage champa flowers away from home!

Satrupa said...

Looks like d corner of a spa ...... luv the arrangement !

Priya said...


Sound Horn Please said...

Camphor in the aromizer is something that never occurred to me! What a wonderful idea- I'm going to try it out too at least for the nostalgia value :) Also loved the krishna's feet drawn on the pebble :)

PreeOccupied said...

@Sanghamitra and Priya, thank you!.

@GB, to get rid of food odors at home, light a candle. It helps. And am lucky to have many after Miss Champa. This one fell off today.

@Sangeeta, yes, I use 4-5 camphor tablets at one time for a strnger aroma all over the apartment. This aromizer is at least five years old.

@Sinfully, yes, we use camphor for pujas too and also in the dhunuchi.

@Satrupa, yes, that table looks transformed.

@SoundHorn, that painted pebble is an inspired idea from Archana of Rang Decor.

Scribbler :) said...

Wow, looks so pretty. am sure it smells even better! I don't have an aromizer....been meaning to buy one for ages!

purplehomes said...

What a pretty picture you just made! I have exactly the same aromizer:) Must try the camphor idea.

sayantani said...

beautiful idea Pree. ekhane lavender oil er baddo dam eta besh pocket friendly o.

Kamini said...

Hmmm lovely. I can almost smell the fragrance and am feeling calm already. Makes me want to go Ommmmmm!!!!