Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Warmth of Green in a Handmade Bowl of Chutney

Its getting more and more difficult to spot a patch of green these days. Its gray, rainy, cold and you also see traces of sleet early in the mornings. Winter is making its presence known and how!

But am in a defying mood, just like that rebel without a cause protagonist. Just that I do have a cause. Lots of fresh coriander in the supermarket got my taste buds tickling. I call coriander/cilantro the Miss Congeniality of the Herb World. Chutneys, garnishes, or just to add some color, the humble dhania never fails you.

IMG_3021In India, if you are a regular with your vegetable wala, he will give you a handful of dhania and mirchi free! Here in TO, I have to pay close to a toonie for a bunch. But that doesn’t stop a die-hard Chutney-lover from wet grinding this bunch of green goodness and storing in a glass jar for at least a week.

Ingredients for Green Chutney are:

1 bunch of fresh cilantro/coriander, stems and leaves, thoroughly washed
5-6 fat cloves of garlic
7-8 green chilies
Half of the white portion of a small tender/green coconut/daab
Juice of one large lemon

Grind together all the ingredients, adding very little water. I added the lemon juice and the water from the green coconut.

IMG_3025The Chutney should be smooth to your touch. Season with salt and store in a clean, glass jar.

IMG_3028 IMG_3032 IMG_3033You can pair this Chutney with Alu Bonda or use as a marinade with some plain yogurt for chicken or fish.

IMG_3035While you are looking at that bowl of green chutney, please notice the platter and dipping bowl I made at Pottery School. I used warm green glaze for both before they were fired in the kiln. Both are food and microwave safe.

For more of my Pottery work, click here.

I had this green chutney with some Alu Bonda, something our Gujarati neighbors would make, with mashed potato, pomegranate, fresh coriander and green chilies. Do you want the recipe?

IMG_3040 I decorated my Bonda plate with the Chutney and green chili fry. Just spoon some chutney or sauce in one line. With the tines of a fork, make random strokes at the end of the line of chutney. I learnt this yesterday from Chef Bob Blumer while he was plating Sushi.



Radhika @ foodfor7stages said...

Great pics and such a inviting chutney. All I needs is some garam garam samosas :)

Satrupa said...

Luv the green chutney, luv the platter and the bowl ..... luv the clicks too. Your picts have added color to this cold gloomy day.

Cheers n Happy Cooking,


GB said...

NICE! Love the chip n dip (does this mean I get the older one?) (can't blame a girl for trying!)

Got some dhania today, maybe I'll use some for chutney...I like to add some adrak to the chutney as well (usually don't have coconut sitting around so I make it sans coconut). Love the mirchi you've used. I need to restock on those.

Sayantani said...

awesome platter Pree. ki sundor sundor bason baniecho. ras malai er bowl khub sunodr. ebare ei kaje seriously neme paro. ami tomar Etsy shop er customer er line -e prothom.

GB said...

oooh. I love your classy presentation. your lunch looks as good as it tastes I'm sure!

Laura said...

Mmmm...I am SO trying this recipe. :)

An Open Book said...

the green chutney looks fab..love the pics
btw...i was reading the shopaholic series by sopjie kinsella...love chick lit:)

purplehomes said...

your post or shall we say posts just inspired me to go to the market & refill my fridge with lots of veggies & ofcourse the good old dhania..need to put my kitchen back on track

sulagna ™ said...

Pree you keep getting better at everything..the food, the writing, the warming of our hearts, the pictures and the ability to make one come back for more !!

Scribbler :) said...

OMG, you are some genius. first you cook so well...and then you do pottery too! I feel like such a loser :(

Priya said...

Slurp,my fav green chutney..love that platter with the fritters..

anu said...

Very nice flow.Good article

anu said...

Very nice flow.Good article

Spice said...

Can't survive without green chutney...needs with everything...love your pottery work...that is one thing in my list which I wan't to do more then anything else....fingures crossed...