Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nigella’s Party Chicken

Believe me when I say that this post will make a lot of men happy. When my husband bought me Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities yesterday, I wasn't sure if he was buying me a present or succumbing to his own needs with this voluptuous collection of recipes to get through the holidays.

IMG_3432_1Turn to page 96 of the cookbook and you will see an embarrassingly easy recipe of Party Cornish Hens,  I chose it for today’s lunch. But with a plump whole chicken. I have retained Nigella Lawson’s ingredients, except for the Cornish hens, but changed the measurements to suit my chicken.


Ingredients for Nigella’s Party Chicken are:

1 whole chicken (about 1.5 kg)
One-fourth cup olive oil (She also suggests the chile oil option)
One teaspoon ground cinnamon
One teaspoon paprika
1 tablespoon sugar
1 head garlic, cloves separated, keep unpeeled
1 lime, halved and cut into wedges

Preheat oven to 375°F. Make a dry rub with the sugar, cinnamon, paprika and salt. Rub the whole chicken with it, getting the insides coated well.

IMG_3431_1IMG_3434_1 Sit the chicken snugly in a baking tray. Pour the olive oil over the chicken. Tuck the limes (you can use lemons too) and the cloves of garlic around and in between the bird.

Cook the chicken for one hour and 15 minutes, till the juices run clear. I start with the face down first and turn each side, giving about 15 minutes to all the four sides. I end with the breast-side up. IMG_3437_1IMG_3447_1
Serve the carved chicken with the charred pieces of lime and garlic cloves. I did some quick potato wedges too.

IMG_3450_1IMG_3440_1Nigella suggests some couscous salad too. Here are a few couscous salads I have done in the past. This one with fresh parsley, or this one with baby arugula, shrimps, etc. Or try this Moroccan-inspired couscous salad, which looks rather festive too.

Thank you, Goddess of Easy Extravagance. I am all set to make my man happy with your time saver recipes this December.



Soma Ghosh said...

Just the recipe to inaugurate the brand new oven in the brand new kitchen!

Sulagna said...

Love to see you work magic in your kitchen..Looks awesome !!

GB said...

It looks great---plump and juicy!

LOL the other part.


Satrupa said...

This Fatso looks delicious ..... a simple & easy way to a man's heart :D


sulagna ™ said...

aree nigella is a superstar and you are one bright twinkling star !!

Sayantani said...

you are our very own Domestic goddess Pree. the way you do everything from gardening to cooking to can give Nigella a steep competition any day.
the chicken looks great...plump and droolworthy, just know what I mean ;-)

Priya said...

Wow, wat a fabulous looking chicken, very inviting..

The knife said...

You are right. Did drive male traffic :)
Chicken looks succulent too

shooting star said...

my husband fell in love with the chicken the moment he saw it on your blog!!!.....and when i told him that you are the one who was behind the recipe of alur dom & radhaballabhi, he commented then this must be heavenly chicken to eat!!!!!!

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear pre
How are you?
I was off blog and will be so till mid Jan. I am catching up what I missed during last 2 weeks.
Reading this recipe and your detailed method I am feeling confident to get back to grill and bake business.
Awesome recipe indeed. The potatoes seem bit misfit with the dish , but will be of great taste I am sure.
have a great week ahead

Satrupa said...

The Sunshine Award awaits for you Pree at my space.

Radhika @ foodfor7stages said...

Looks like a grand festive meal. Slurrp.