Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vitamin D & Some Home Harvesting

Its close to bedtime and I am beginning to write now. This weekend has been a rather staid one, especially after the torrid soccer party last Saturday.

P’s tangerine plant got all the attention it needed. And I got all the Vitamin D that my doctor says I am deficient of!

Our “green house” living room made sure I basked in the sun when it was unbearable outside at –18 degrees C. Its this same effect which has been working wonders on our tangerine plant as well.

Tangerine turned three this year. After the repotting project that P and I did last summer, we saw the results almost immediately. I am glad we did not mess it up, ‘coz as I later found out we hadn’t followed any repotting rules at all. From a 12 inch pot, Tangerine saw itself being transferred to a humongous 24 inch pot! Talk about feeling displaced. Looks like I was not the only one.

We immediately saw new evergreen leaves sprouting everywhere. I guess the organic potting soil that we got helped all that new growth in an otherwise slow to grow plant if kept indoors. From a bonsai, we saw Tangerine grow into a full blown four feet, multi-stemmed plant.

I still remember how its sweet-smelling white blossoms filled our living room. Each time P and I spotted a dark green fruit, we would feel elated like new parents watching their toddler take its first step, and quickly Tweet about it!

Stimulated and happy, Tangerine symbolizes life in our living room. Laden with dark green fruits, it soon transformed itself into a plant flushed with a copper-orange fruits. And how glorious it looked under the winter sun!

When we plucked all the fruits from Tangerine this Saturday, there were 49 little oranges at the last count. But if I add two more which I had squeezed in for my face pack on Friday, that makes it a hefty 51!

That should make P and I happy harvesters.

Sharing with you some pictures of our living reflection from a dream…Tangerine, Tangerine.



Orange mosaic


Shyamala said...

This is an amazing green hand at work! Saw such plants at Gangtok last year and was wondering if anyone could replicate that.

? said...

Loved this post! Have been off and on about getting one citrus plant; we do need to keep it indoors for about 6 months here. Any suggestions on buying would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Unknown said...

that was many.. well i want to have my own plants of them//
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