Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday Wasn’t A Blur!

Refreshed with all the natural Vitamin D I have been getting over the last few days, I was toying with the idea of recreating a Jamini Roy painting today. Which otherwise is just a distant dream- to own a Jamini Roy! I am neither a museum, nor a collector.

As a kid growing up in India, I saw postage stamps with Jamini Roy’s paintings, one way to commemorate this great artist . Even went on to collect some.


Many years later, I was introduced to the remarkable block printed sari my Mum one time brought back from Calcutta.  Jamini Roy never fails to inspire. Timeless.

As I look more at the works of this artist, I get drawn to the eyes he drew. Sharp, focused, very folksy!

My pick of his paintings is this doll he made in the 1950s. Almost reminds you of a rural Indian woman. A goddess in her own rights.

I started painting this today. I knew I was going to have my personal Jamini Roy, this is probably the only way I can “own” one.

Take a look at this little piece I painted on the first day of February.







IMG_5393And she sits pretty with my CDs



Tilottama said...

sundor hoyechhe!

Anonymous said...

very pretty... Nice blog you've got here!!! With some lovely recipes...

Rajni said...

Awesome stuff Pree !!

Keep painting.

Hope you will gift me one of your paintings some day :)

Rajni said...

Khoob bhaalo :)

linda said...

I first saw Jamini Roy's art at the Indian Museum in Kolkata on my last trip...fell in love with his art!