Friday, July 09, 2010

Friends & Bloggers, Inc.

Some of us Bloggers are pretty close knit when it comes to visiting each others’ profiles, leaving comments, and sometimes just getting very inspired by one another.

I have my pet favorites too. People I have never met. But these same people are part of my Blogosphere. I wait for a post from them, to tickle my taste buds, to inspire me and sometimes just copy their recipes onto my own dinner table.

Meet Soma, a Mommy of two girls, living in Texas. She is the eCurry queen. Let me warn you, her photographs and recipes will increase your appetite sharply, often resulting in you heading straight to the kitchen to try her recipes. ASAP. Her energy shows in the way she presents her food.

soma And I see you agreeing with me, and this is just one sample photo.

Sharmila of Kichu Khon will mesmerize you with her endearing stories, food memories and simple recipes. Not to mention a very human side of her. I click on her Blog’s link every day to see what’s waiting for me there. Simple, homey, and very, very close to my heart. She can even make the humble lentil look like a bowlful of exotica.

sharmila When she wrote her Aam Panna story, the Blog world was full of recipes of the earthy green mango cooler photos and recipes. This is the power of Sharmila. She touches your heart from her kitchen.

Sandeepa, the quintessential Bong Mom needs no introduction if you have been around looking up on Google for Bengali recipes and food fiction. She is the uncrowned diva - inspiring, infusing, and creating a revolution with her posts. I have often wondered is it just me who is smitten? The answer is a loud NO.

sandeepa She cooks, she writes, she even stands up for a cause. You really don’t have to look too far if you want to see your own Bengali Idol!

But if you want to see who the girl-next-door is, pop over to Sayantanis A Homemaker’s Diary. She will bowl you with her simplicity and stun you with her creativity, all at the same time.

am.sandesh1 I for sure have been hooked on to her everyday cooking, which is not so everyday anymore.

He is a man and he cooks. Too bad he is taken. That’s Kalyan “Bourdain” Karmakar. The local foodie from Bombay who is taking the world by storm. His tweets, photo journalism, and travel bytes are a picker upper. Kalyan of Finely Chopped makes liberal digs at his friends, and laughs the most at himself.

35151_136979952986704_120204191330947_318518_2030231_nKalyan is currently travelling but you don’t miss him much. Why? Because you travel with him and see things through his lens. My favorite man food writer, second only to Tony!


Bong Mom said...

Cho chweet :) You are my favorite creative person. I love your food, painting and decor style.

Sayantani said...

Oh my God! so generous of you Pree. You are a real sweet heart and I totally agree with Sandeepa, a real creative soul. between thanks for pointing out the garlic paste in Khichuri at my blog. the blame goes to the autocorrect of my MSWORD and one exhausted me who failed to edit the mistake. the point is no garlic in my khichuri too.
take care.

Sharmila said...

Aww Pree! Am touched. What a lovely post ... how very nice and warm and thoughtful. Thanks for the wonderful words.
I love you and your blog too .. your recipes, snaps, plants. And yes, the ones you listed are my favs too. Hugs. :-)

Jay said...

Hy Pree,
Very intersting and unique space you have. First time here...Am your happy follower now...:)
Do drop in at my space sometime..

Soma said...

This is really really reaaaaally nice of you. your place is immensely inviting esp. with the pictures, writing and the wonderful decor. sophisticated, upscale and pretty. Thank you so much Pree.


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely the way you applaude everybody.where do u get the sandesh moulds.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...
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Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

pree,lovely blog and i took time to go through the entire blogs and impressed by the subtle beauty of the blog.
would love to have the full house for a tour on my blog.please do send me some snaps with your art works and green thumbs and comforts overloaded.
love laksh

The knife said...

Read this in a foreing land. Felt even more at home if that was possible after reading this. Thanks so much.

PreeOccupied said...

Thank you everyone for the beautiful things you have said. It means much. :-)

@ Lakshmi, the sandesh moulds you see on this post are Sayantani's.

But I have my set too, which I got someone to buy from Calcutta and send it over. My Mum has stone ones which she has promised to give to me.

Emily said...

Thank you for the recommendations! They all sound like great blogs.