Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

My two favorite things to do with Cherry Tomatoes are throw them in a baking dish with some EVOO, salt and pepper and grill or roast. Or just keep them on the dining table (all washed and cleaned), still on their vines as a centerpiece.

After the pretty cherry (or grape) tomatoes had spent some adequate time pepping up my dining table while simultaneously being popped in for some in-between-meal snack, I decided to make use of them for my dinner of chicken cutlets and a smoked salmon cream cheese-avocado sandwich.

IMG_9592 They say true luxury should be rare, authentic and special. I think so too, and that’s why I use cherry tomatoes to decorate, make little hors d'oeuvre by either stuffing them with fresh “mozz”, tossing them in salads or just pricking them on fruit picks with some complementary fruits (like grapes and olives) and some cheese.

These are the roasted cherry tomatoes I served with my dinner last night. About 300 grams of plump cherry tomatoes on the vine, drizzled lavishly with the best extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with some freshly cracked pepper and salt.

IMG_9597 Crank the oven up to 375 and roast the tomatoes for about 20-25 minutes.

IMG_9600These roasted cherry tomatoes are great hot, straight out of the oven. They are wonderful warm or at room temperature, and make spectacular leftovers the next day.

And the fun part is eating them straight from their vine. Try it!


Sushma Mallya said...

Lovely way to use cherry tomatoes, very easy and requires very less time too...

GB said...

Pree, try them halved with linguine, fresh basil and good evoo.... sprinkle with parmesan on top..dole out the linguine while hot and toss with the toms and basil. bliss!

Sayantani said...

I love these in salads and in pasta with fresh herbs. Ohhh Heaven.

? said...

Just made them; are they not a treat for summer even though you get them all year around!

Nags said...

can't believe i am coming across your blog for the first time. looking around.. :)