Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Thursday Morning @ North York Civic Centre Farmers' Market

Remember the weekly haat and the bazaars we have back home in India?

Translate the same set up and you are transported to a Farmers’ Market in the Western world. Only less chaotic.

I am just back from the Farmers’ Market next to the Mel Lastman Square, sipping my morning chai, actually my hands are still dirty from touching the corn, and ruffling that huge dog who could not resist from drinking from the fountain there! I am like that dog, the power of self-control is a whimpering low, especially when it comes to sharing something exciting with you!
The memory of that toddler picking a raspberry up and putting it straight in her mouth is still fresh, just like the fruits and vegetables here.

IMG_9630IMG_9631 IMG_9632 IMG_9621 IMG_9635 And honest to God, I am not making it up when I say you could smell these Basil from a mile. Okay, maybe not a mile!

IMG_9625 Those are pea sprouts for your salads!

IMG_9642 IMG_9626 IMG_9633

All you see is freshness all around you, including a nod and a smile from the farmers who are selling their produce!
IMG_9628 IMG_9634 IMG_9638

My husband loves garlic and these of course are the freshest you can lay your eyes on!
IMG_9639 IMG_9640 Have you ever seen more fresh-looking green beans and in so many pretty colors?

Talking of colors, who can compete with this riot created by root vegetables…
IMG_9646 IMG_9645IMG_9649

Not to miss the dainty head of Miss Cauliflower!
IMG_9648 So I say bye-bye to you with this broccoli photo to arrange back the vegetables I got from the Farmers’ Market today!

IMG_9647 Farmers market mosaic Have a great Thursday and enjoy all the freshness around you!


GB said...

Those beans look so plump! drool! You know my friend grows cilantro in her garden and the flavor!!!- she just needs a few sprigs as opposed to the handful that I use (i've asked her to pass me some seeds so I can start my own little patch/pot.) I can believe you on the basil...have fun and don't forget to share your culinary delights with us! :)

Sharmila said...

I am learning to love veggies ... both to cook and eat. So can honestly say you are so lucky to get such fresh vegetables ... all we get these days are from cold storages.
Fresh vegetables diye mix kono chorchori ba paanch misheli r taste e alada hobe. :-)