Sunday, August 08, 2010

They Call it the Indian Burger!

As predicted (and planned) by me, my Sunday went from being perfect to stunning.

First the lunch line up of the Vegetable Pulav accompanied by that cooling Cucumber Raita, and then some Bombay Bhel with a hot cup of chai, while gazing at the liquid precipitation outside.



Now the stunning part. Remember those leftover Pavs (buns) from the other day? They had INPIRATION writ large on them. So I made the Indian Burger for dinner. We call it Vada Pav.

Golden-fried balls of besan-laced potato. Bite into a Vada and you will find it bursting with the flavors of garlic, lemon, some heat from the green chilies, the unmistakable taste of curry leaves and fresh cilantro. IMG_0113 While I was making the Vadas, I quickly whooshed in my blender the Coriander Chutney to go with my Vada Pav.

IMG_0115 IMG_0117 IMG_0118 If you are looking to get inspired too, look around in your kitchen or fridge and see what you find.

Click here for the Vada Pav recipe.


GB said...

looks like you've found your mojo! :)keep them coming....
btw, do you have a good recipe for naans? would love to see your take on it!!!

Geeta Mahesh said...

I found your blog through GB's blog. Mouth watering pics. Can't wait to try
some of your recipes.

Sushma Mallya said...

i love this indian burger too,your pics are very tempting ..

Sayantani said...

absolutely love them with gun powder. looks tempting.

Jay said...

Looks so good. will try it out soon.

PreeOccupied said...

@GB, the only time I did Naan, it was a disaster. I mean it tasted well and all that, but I just couldn't get the "shape" right.

@Geeta, thanks for visiting.

@Sushma, thank you!

@Sayantani, gun powder diye o khaye buji? Is that the red powder you see sometimes on the Pav in Blore?

@Jay, thanks much.

Satya said...

wow wow indian burger looks soooooo tempting ...i love this all time ...ur clicks make me drooling here


Sudha said...

miss being in india (in pune ) right now

Anonymous said...

the pics look so delicious and mouth watering! good stuff you have here :-)

Sayantani said...

Shudhu Bangalore e na Delhi teo to Vada pav gun powder die day. red chillies, peanuts eisab die banay. south Indian gun powder er taste besh alada.

The knife said...

The vada paos look very authentic. Fantastic work. I can imagine biting into it and smiling as the heat and spice sear one's palate.