Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Copycat Returns With Two Elephants

What do you get when you are at ease with copying masterpieces?

A homemade and affordable way of having two of Husain’s famous Ganesha paintings. After doing Saraswati a few days ago, I wanted to paint (okay, copy!) Ganeshas. These are my first set of Ganeshas, if I don’t account for the one done on handmade paper and charcoal when I was a teenager. And that was an original!

The two-headed Naad Swaram Ganeshayem.IMG_6042And this one is simply called Ganesha

Mosaic G IMG_6050 I made these yesterday while I was daydreaming about India, and drinking my kewra lassi (with a dollop of vanilla ice cream) and doing the daily crossword. Just then a sudden flash of genius!
IMG_6046Waxing on about Husain twice in a week is just weird, right? Especially when there is so much controversy surrounding him…
ndtv husainBut my thick head doesn’t get any of that! Never will.
My brain can be very lame sometimes, especially when it wins.


scribblehappy said...

Hey Pree,you have inspired me enough to make me want to try my hand at painting.A little query--are these paintings done on canvas or on paper?do u use oil or poster colours?

PreeOccupied said...

@Shaili, I have used the humble art paper and the ever available acrylic paint. Go try! :-) xoxox

krishna said...

you are really a talented person..