Monday, April 26, 2010

My Corny Story

The first time P and I had bhutta (or fire roasted corn on the cob) together was about a week into being married.
bengali wedding dollIt was the monsoon season in India then. We were a newly married couple who in this time and age had chosen the path of “arranged marriage”. We were still adjusting to the idea of living with each other, often totally puzzled by each other’s presence.

That evening, we had had a difference of opinion. A slight tiff which made me all teary-eyed. And the lump in my throat grew bigger when I saw P walk out of the main door to deal with the crisis his own way! But I held back on my tears.

Half an hour later I called on his phone, only to hear it ringing in the bedroom. I was hoping it wasn't a deliberate move by my new husband.

I kept sitting on one of the rattan chairs in the balcony. The balmy air of a Delhi evening in the month of August mixed with the smell of fresh rain somewhere filled the twilight air. Sometimes whiffs of the Rajnigandha flowers from one of the vases inside would caress my senses, reminding me of the wedding day floral garland I was decked up in. This I tell you was the tear jerker! I slammed the door to shut out all memories of my wedding.

I did not hear my new husband return. It was only when I felt my hands pressed against the warmth of a corn on the cob that I smelt his signature cologne mixed with the earthy smell of bhutta. Heaven.

He knew I liked a little squeeze of lemon mixed with salt and one green chili with my bhutta. It was all there. The evening just got complete with the most adorable and heartwarming smile P could ever give me. bhuttaThrough my muffled sobs and opening my mouth to bite into the nicely roasted bhutta all at the same time, I heard him say, “Naa-o, bhutta khujte giye deri hoye gaelo.” (I got late looking for the (perfect) corn on the cob.)

Nothing has changed since then. I still am addicted to corn. He still forgets his mobile phone at home. We still fight. I still use tears as a very potent weapon. He still has the most adorable smile.

And the ingredients of our bhutta-eating experience have remained the same too. Lebu-Lonka-Noon-aar-Bhutta! (Lime-Green Chilies-Salt-and-Corn on the cob.)

Its the beginning of the corn season here. Today was my turn to return his bhutta favor, and my broiler seemed to be agreeing to my plan just right! Except that there were no embers flying from the pieces of charcoal the bhutta wala fans. Or smoke getting into our eyes. But looked like some sparks were still left…
IMG_7566 IMG_7570IMG_7569 IMG_7567 What’s your corny story…errrr recipe?

I am sending my “corny story” to Of Chalks and Chopsticks, a monthly food fiction event hosted by Aqua, BongMom, and Sra.


Shilpa said...

tats a nice and sweet story. bhutta khoob khabo :)

Sharmila said...

Khub mishti memories. :-)
Am enjoying all your posts jodio shobshomoye comment likhte parchina. Tomar curios er post ta o khub bhalo laglo Pree.

Sharmistha Guha said...

how sweet!

Unknown said...

awesome post PP :) u shud be a writer!!! next jhumpa lahiri u will be :)

Kalyan Karmakar said...

That was really sweet. A bar of Lindt at the nearby Oberoi chemist worked for me when I was dating before we got married

Unknown said...

pree I loved reading the post...and it did evoke lot of emotions in me!remembered our first fight too:)

Raja said...
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Raja said...
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Raja said...

(The previous two deleted comments were mine. I deleted them because of typos in them. I still remember the "spell-checking b*tch")


Unknown said...

@Shilpa, tumi-o- kh-o bhutta! How do they eat them in Japan?

@Sharmila, how are you feeling now? Are those little buggers still bothering you? Jol khaccho toh?

@SGD, thank you!

@Hrish, should? Errr...I am.

@The Knife, you sound like my husband. He is such a choco-holic. Even when we go out for movies, he picks a bar of chocolate and a bottle of water while I get my usual popcorn with extra butter and diet coke with no ice. :-)

@Saswati, we girls I tell you, we rock.

@Raja, you got it right the third time! Good show. :-P

Unknown said...

This is the PP I have usual written so well

Jaya M said...

Aw! so sweet,pore eto bhalo laglo..amaar O arranged marriage, so I can understand the uncertainty of initial and then adjusting.. But I am sure that's the beauty of this relationship..and we do still fight also :)..tobe manabar kaaj ta aajO DH hi kore LOL..
wish I can grab that Corn right now.
hugs and smiles

Bong Mom said...


That is a lovely post. Tiffs to thakbei, kintu seita mitigate korte bhutta thakle to kothai nei :D

Ami kokhono broil korini bhutta, stove top e kori, eita try korbo

Unknown said...

@Mome di, thank you!

@Jaya, there are some thing we should let the men do!

@BongMom, aamaar kachche electric cooking range aache, tayi cannot do bhutta, begun poda or ruti on it. Hence I am forced to broil.

Urmi said...

Tomar blog ta darun laglo. Khub sundor r mishti story. Bhutta amar bhishon priyo r dekhei khete ichhe korchhe.
Amar blog e ashar nemontonno roilo.

Unknown said...

Bhishon sweet memory .Lovely post :)

Sudha said...

Amar golpo pore tomar bhalo legechhe jene shotti e khub bhalo laglo:)Tobe tomar mishti golpo amar mon chhuye gelo.It was so sweet of you to put it across so touchingly.Majhe majhe ghure jeo...bhalo theko!

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

lovely story! tasty corn too...

Sulagna said...

Beautiful memories..Khuub misti story ..

Best Regards

Moushumi - Rainbows and Cloudbursts said...

Pree, of all your posts, (and I love them all) I have to admit I loved this one the most!!!! :)

Unknown said...

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