Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bathtub Beauty

My itchy fingers took these pictures the other day at WilBe Bloomin, a flower emporium at Baldwin Street, in the heart of Kensington Market.

At first sight you will probably gasp and coo (like I did!) and visually feast on the brilliant idea of recycling an old bathtub! Yes, you heard that right. A bathtub turned into a little pool for Wilda McLellan and Beverley Kolbe’s fishes.

Look at these pictures and you will be surprised how creativity talks back at you!IMG_6085IMG_6086  IMG_6089 Want a closer, top shot?
IMG_6091Yes, that’s just one of them! I was told all three of WilBe’s fishy friends are five years old.
IMG_6090 IMG_6088 Dotting the water in the bathtub are these bright colored lotus blooms/ water lilies. Its only on a real close peek will you realize that they are not real.

This bathtub beauty is not for sale. But what you can stop here for are their wide variety of event and designer bouquets, lush plants with attention to seasonal palettes, and modern yet elegant combinations of classic and exotic flowers, all handpicked by the duo who started WilBe Bloomin in 2004.wilbe (Photos from:wilbebloomin.ca)

I guess I was just plain lucky when I picked this blushing hibiscus from their fresh arrival for Spring. The discovery was that one pot had two plants- a yellow and a red hibiscus! Take a look.
IMG_6154 IMG_6179IMG_6183WilBe Bloomin is located @:

160, Baldwin Street, Unit 9
Toronto, ON, M5T 3K7, Canada.

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