Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everyday Epiphany

It's probably obvious to most people who know me well (virtually or in the flesh) that I have twitchy fingers…and lately, I have been putting good use to them. Including my green thumb!IMG_6202 ~Sunny Solitude~
IMG_5775 ~In Search of Eggcellence~
IMG_6187~Simply Red~
IMG_5839~In Sink~
IMG_6165~Pine For You~
IMG_6164~Budding Up~
IMG_6168~Up In The Air~
IMG_6169~Barren Blues~
IMG_6178   ~Leafy Floats~
IMG_6172~In Her Shoes~
IMG_6175~Pine And Woman~
IMG_6152~On The Bench~
IMG_6058~Worth The Weight~
IMG_5867~Eating Tom~
IMG_4291~To The Moon And Back~
n580423346_942828_3267~Rusty Hands~ 
IMG_4393   ~Magical Evenings~
IMG_6131 ~Guava Love~
Boy on shoulders ~Sonshine~
(I clicked this photograph from a prize-winning photograph at the Harvest Festival, Markham, ON)

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Chandan said...

Some sharp wit and nie photos there. Keep it up!