Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fishful Thinking

Seeing the sun out makes me cook happy food. While I was satiated with my share of Vitamin D, it was time to think about dinner. Some easy-to-cook and beautiful-on-the-eye food which cried out the colors of summer. Even if it was only 9 degrees outside.

Plus its always a nice change when someone else does the cooking- my oven!

I came up with mildly marinated Atlantic Salmon Steaks which were broiled and served with Garden Greens drizzled with some Blue Cheese. IMG_6136I got these huge, succulent salmon steaks which I marinated for a few minutes with only lemon juice. Just before transferring the fish to the oven, I added a generous amount of freshly cracked black pepper and some salt to taste. Drizzled it with some EVOO. All this on a baking tray lined with aluminum sheet.
IMG_6138I broiled the steak on the top shelf of the oven on high for 7-8 minutes before turning on to the other side. Fish tastes like rubber and become dry when you overcook. So Keep checking frequently.
IMG_6140While the fish was cooking, I quickly sliced some red and green bell peppers, red onions, seedless cucumbers, and hot-house tomatoes. Alongside, I julienned some carrots to plate with the fish, colors to match the salmon!
IMG_6139The salad dressing was again a simple mix of lemon juice, black pepper powder, freshly chopped coriander and some blue cheese.
IMG_6142IMG_6145That was our Friday night fishy dinner! Tender, golden in color, and perfect to dispel the last leg of winter, and go out for a very important date with Alice in Wonderland.

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