Sunday, March 21, 2010

Roses Are Red, And They Are Pink And Blue Too!

Wonder how many poets have written paeans about the eloquence of the Rose. However, I will not attempt any such thing here (in case you were contemplating a quick scoot from PreeOccupied).

Instead I leave you to enjoy photographs of accents and decorations done with roses. These pictures were clicked at the Canada Blooms, Toronto, which is a four-day annual event to usher Spring in. IMG_6421 IMG_6417IMG_6420 IMG_6436 IMG_6423 IMG_6512IMG_6513IMG_6516 IMG_6517IMG_6591IMG_6521

IMG_6548Its minus one degree here today and dull and gloomy outside, I am looking and relooking at the pictures from yesterday to cheer myself up. Looks like its working…


Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear pree
wonderful photos..
cant believe blue roses exist...never seen one..from where did you get them? Did you grow them?

PreeOccupied said...

These are photos from a garden and flower show we went called Canada Blooms.

Blue roses do not exist in nature. Thanks to modern day science, they are genetically engineered, I guess from white roses.

Peelirohini said...

Those Purple roses look unnatural right? A bit a Sci-Fi-ish ? Love the other shades though!!!!!

Pree Basu said...

Those are blue roses. Of course they dont exist in nature and created artificially.