Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keema Baked With Noodles

I should have posted this months ago! Not because its my Mum’s recipe, but because this is the first ever dish that I made for P, during our long-distance courtship!

Somehow Keema Baked with Noodles seemed just perfect for something in between a dinner and a snack.

That night, we had reached my apartment from the New Delhi airport only after 2:30 in the morning, and despite all my kitchen enthusiasm, I did not really want to cook something at that hour. So I had settled for this dish, which I knew could be thrown in the oven while I could chat up my husband-to-be! I had done all the prep work in the evening which left me to only turn the oven on!

Okay, coming back to my recipe post, I still think this is the easiest thing you can make with noodles, mince meat, onions, green bell peppers, green chilies, and some Mozzarella cheese. I am usually not too stingy with cheese for this dish, only because there is no oil which goes into making it.44
Ingredients for the Keema Baked With Noodles:

Four small portions of egg noodles (boiled according to packet instructions and drained)
1 medium size red onion cut into slices
1 green capsicum sliced
Few green chilies slit
250 grams Mozzarella cheese grated
400 mince meat (beef/lamb) (cooked with 1 bay leaf, 1 tablespoon of ginger-garlic paste, 1 small shallot, crushed pepper, salt)IMG_6640IMG_6641Preheat the oven at 350°F. Once all the preparation has been done, start layering all the ingredients in a baking dish. Top it off with the grated cheese which will give the noodles and the other ingredients a nice crusty look and a great taste. Bake for 45 minutes.IMG_6644 IMG_6645IMG_6646  IMG_6647 IMG_6649IMG_6657I adjusted the seasoning with some freshly cracked pepper on the top.

I usually serve this dish on its own, but any suggestions on what to serve it with is welcome! Oh, and I also think spaghetti will make a good alternative if you want to elude the noodles.


Sharmila said...

This is a one pot meal alright ... but if you really want to then some hot or cold soup on the side will go great too. Or maybe some white wine /champagne if it's a candle lit dinner for two. :-)

Jones said...

Wow this looks a very delicious sophisticated meal.. must try my hand on it for sure.. just thinking- how will it turn out if the noodles can be substituted for other smaller types of pasta - penne, farfalle or fusili? will the look be compromised?

Jaya said...


Thanks for visiting my space.Some airline,can't recall which one,had this as their Kid menu plan (but with spaghetti) and believe me even grown up like us were drooling over it :)..yours reminded me that and looks so so delicious ...I think I can have it as full meal (no sides for me) :)..
hugs and smiles

sanchari said...

I made this..still in oven not tasted it as yet....but the aroma..is mind blowing.....did a lil addition of my own...Thanx...