Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Colors In My Kitchen II

As a kid, vegetables used to make a pocket around my throat. I HATED them so much! But now, its the same vegetables which add color to my dinner table, albeit the health benefits they come with.

kitchen color_1

I eat them raw, I grill, I boil, and I even relish karela or uchche bhaja (bitter gourd), which my Mum and Kakima (Aunt) could never really make me eat.

karelaCan it be anymore beautiful than this?green mosaicI love local!IMG_2900 IMG_4163 Sometimes all you have to do is season with salt and pepper.colors from my kitchen 2 And the best color definitely is some green!lunapic_12655754141440_66






1 comment:

GB said...

Loved your colors! today--my colors are: green cilantro. orange oranges. red onions. and green spinach.

ooh and green mirchi. :)