Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Today is a particularly gloomy, dark day. Its those flurries outside which probably add some color in spite of their paleness. There hasn’t been any sun in the last four days. IMG_5766 Dusting comes easy to a cleanliness freak like me. Yes, we have a thin film of dust everywhere, every day. Thankfully am not allergic to it and I love the smell of books.

Or, how else can an India girl can survive without any sunshine…IMG_5763 green smal

    P’s staple- books and H2O!IMG_5733

The two of us are book lovers. I guess that’s probably one thing that drew us together. Apart from a zillion other things.IMG_5735




IMG_5743 The master himself. A copied painting by me from Satyajit Ray’s sketch of Tagore.

I have cartons of books still lying in India, and so does P. We need a whole wall for all the books we have. And probably a bigger house. And I am still not counting all the books that my Mum’s grandfather has left behind. He was the Head of the Department of English in a college, and had some rare books, some probably 100 years old. A real treasure I would like to usurp from any unknown, distant relative who is planning to stake a claim.
IMG_5744 Even Froggy likes to read!
IMG_5765 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5747
IMG_5750IMG_4282white tiger  IMG_4767 IMG_5587IMG_5752IMG_5753IMG_4217    IMG_5764Whoever said dogs are a (wo)man’s best friend, was surely not thinking about these printed pals.

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