Monday, February 08, 2010

There Is Something About Mondays

I probably live in two worlds. One which hates Mondays and the other which looks forward to the start of the week, for the simple reason that it will eventually get me to another weekend! That’s how farfetched my optimism is.

Last Monday’s cam-to-cam conversation with my Ma-in-law about Jamini Roy, and her family’s close association with the great painter made me really excited.

jamini_royI like to hear stories, and Ma is a great story teller or so I’d like to boast about her. I was told that a certain someone of Jamini Roy’s family used to “copy” his paintings and they would look exactly the same. And both of us joked about me copying The Doll, and that it did not look bad for a copy!

That was last Monday but today is another day.

Today I got over-enthusiastic about doing The Black Horse, and probably pair it up with an elephant to match the zillion Ganeshas that we have at home. charcoal horseIMG_5497

And here is what the end result was:


  Up on the wall!


I am hoping to get some energy into my Monday mornings too, just like a black stallion…

horse ani 

…and I needed Fleetwood Mac to tell me “Monday morning you sure look fine


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Pree..tomar recent video ta dekhe(bodhu kon alo laglo choke)on FB..ami eto inspire holam...especially the paintings in the video..I researched the very instant abt Jamini Roy and believe me I am on the same spree as you are...painting(copying..)