Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Girl Durga!

Independent. Powerful. Divine. Beautiful. Fearful. Friendly. Unattainable. Alluring. Enigmatic.
Beyond reach…

That’s my girl. Durga.Durga 1Last year, I got the original art by Debashish Deb as a Durga Pujo greeting from my friend in Calcutta, RJS.

Though I could never really create what the artist has in the original painting, but I feel immensely content with my first Durga painting.Durga MosaicMy other Durga-endeavors are these photographs I clicked in 2008, New Delhi, during Durga Puja hopping between pandals in Chittaranjan Park.

cr park durga4

cr park durga

cr park durga3cr park durga2IMG_4012That is the Goddess’ Canadian avatar @ Durga Pujo 2009, Kalibari, GTA.   

She comes in clay…durga_clay She comes in color…durga-colorBut she only comes to us once in a year!

Till we go pandal-hopping again, in the words of my great grandmother-Naani…

Dugga Dugga!!


Rajni said...

Awesome painting...again !!! Keep at it !!

Perspectivemedley said...

Beautiful!!.. fantastic painting!!:)..

The Ketchup Girl said...

i love this.