Friday, August 13, 2010

Evergreen Alu-Matar Chaat

I have lived long enough in Delhi’s Green Park area to sample all of Evergreen’s fast and slow food.

738769 Right from their mineral water-filled Gol Gappas to the Alu-Matar Chaat, which is quite a winter staple for Delhi belles and Aunty-jis alike. Whoever believes in some waist-full (pun definitely intended!) indulgences. Sometimes.

evergreen As a first timer, even if you miss the neon green glow sign of this chaat house, I bet you cannot miss the smell of crispy-fried cubes of potatoes on a foggy evening of a Delhi winter. Even in that gnarling traffic with the window of your car rolled up.

If you not already completely enticed, here is a peek at what I am talking about.IMG_0189
And if you continue reading, I will tell you how I made this Alu-Matar Chaat Evergreen charges Indian Rupee symbol.svg 20 a plate. Or is it more now?

Ingredients for Alu-Matar Chaat are:

4-5 medium size potatoes, boiled
1 cup green peas, blanched and drained
Juice of half lemon
Half teaspoon red chili powder/ cayenne pepper
One teaspoon bhaja moshla (dry roasted cumin and coriander seeds, coarsely ground)
Half teaspoon MDH Chaat Masala
Black salt
Canola oil (Evergreen uses desi ghee!)

Cut the boiled potatoes in quarters. Heat oil in a frying pan, almost up to smoking. Release the cubes of potato in the hot oil and fry till they are crisp and golden brown on all sides.
IMG_0185 IMG_0186
Use a slotted spoon to remove. Drain excess oil on paper towels. I haven't seen the chaat wala in Evergreen do it. But remember we are making this at home.

In a bowl, mix the fried potatoes, blanched green peas, lemon juice, and spices. Give it a quick mix to coat the hot potatoes with the spices.
IMG_0187 IMG_0188
Do one last check on the salt and spices. Serve warm in little aluminum foil / pie bowls with a fruit pick.The best way to eat this Alu-Matar Chaat is to share with your best friend.
IMG_0192 Indulgence now has a new name – Alu-Matar Chaat (Potato-Peas Chaat).


Kamini said...

ohhh yummy, am drooling all over the keyboard! I have been to Evergreen years and years ago, now when I go to Delhi we go to Bengali Sweet house, also in South Ex! Mmmm....that fried potato stuff scares me, or else I would be so tempted to make it! But it looks heavenly, I can almost smell the chaat masala looking at the pic!

Deepa Raman said...

so yummy...being a veggie i love stuff like this..iam a follower..some more good good veggie recipes plz....

and do connect in my blog...i write a lot on interior products..

GB said...

Droooooooool. I thought you were making the gol gappas. I've been driven to making reglar papdi chaat ( there was no way I could get it here, so I HAD to make some)...maybe I should bring the fryer back into service!!! your chaat has me drooling!!!

Spice said...

Tempting...It's not fair....U r tempting me to make fried alu...It's been ages(i mean couple of years) since I ate that chaat....I like it without peas.....I guess I have eaten fried potatoes chat more then anyting else in my college every nook & corner of Delhi...

Alisa said...

Yum,this is making me hungry!

Geeta Mahesh said...

I made your recipe without the peas this weekend and it came out so well. What else to say, you are a pro, girl!!!

shooting star said...

how can any delhiite miss evergreen ka chaat!!