Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Haat Bajaar!

Remember the times, your Grandparents would take the cloth-stitched jhola and set off to get the weekly fill of vegetables, fish and meat?

We did the same, except for fabric grocery bags, we had recycle bags and the destination was not the weekly bazaar, but a Bangladeshi grocery store at Danforth.

IMG_0347As seen clockwise: Shaśā, Bhindi, Ucchē / Karōlā, Gondho Lebu, Cicingā, Shōjne Dāta, Tomato, Patōl!

IMG_0348 I have been craving to have Shōjne Dāta for days now. Finally, I can curb my craving with these green drumsticks!

IMG_0349IMG_0351 IMG_0350 My husband loves karela/ bitter gourd/ Ucchē / Karōlā. You just thinly slice them, season with salt and turmeric and shallow fry them.

IMG_0352 Cicingā/ Snake gourd also belongs to the gourd family. Its waxy on the surface and is rich in calcium and moisture.

IMG_0354 These Patōl are smaller than what I got for my Dorma. They are good to go in a simple Alu Patōler Dalna.

IMG_0355 IMG_0357 IMG_0358Gondho Lebu (fragrant lemon) is a delicacy in Bengali homes. Wedges from one lemon are usually shared over a meal which has Bhaja Muger Daal. A little squirt of the lemon goes a long way in the sweet, tangy department.

I have my hands and my fridge full for the next few days. Hope you have some green goodies to bring to your dinner table too!

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A. Naik said...

Nice Greens for the week! The name of your blog is great!! so meaningful,... with your name attached to it! very creative thinking!!