Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shades of Green

I may be a little premature in my observation, but do I see a fleeting glimpse of buds in my Frangipani?
IMG_0174 Just to set records straight, I could be the only one in Toronto with a Frangipani plant in a 12 inch pot!

Well, humility was never my forte. And neither can I resist feeling all smug about the fact that my plants have never looked so good before. P and I keep staring at them in wonderment. Then jolting each other up about the fact that we will soon have a toddler out from my belly who would probably not be of refined taste like his/her Mommy (and Daddy) and would tear at the leaves and knead through the pots of our apartment garden.

IMG_0175 IMG_0177 IMG_0180

I have been made to promise albeit rather forcefully that I will not add on to our balcony garden. So can someone please explain how this little red Geranium landed next to my paintings and unused brushes?

But I am hoping the promise of tomorrow will hold a good future, just like the happy shades of green my plants are exuding. IMG_0166 IMG_0172 IMG_0170

My favorite green is the color of sunlight on a new leaf.
IMG_0176 IMG_0168 IMG_0178 What’s yours?


GB said...

Gorgeous garden pree. Don't have upto six months till the baby crawls, and you can always put them higher out of his/her reach. If all else fails, consider investing in a child gate. lots of time to plan things out.

Sayantani said...

ohh thats a lovely garden Pree. as my son is one year 3 months now I cannot keep any plant in the room. everything is in the garden. he used to tear the leaves and taste them but now I have tiold him if he does so the plants will be hurt and they will cry just the way he does. I dont know what the little one has understood but now he gives hamma (kisses) to the plants. thats something to keep hoping for better future. dont worry everything would be sorted once the lil one arrives. till then enjoy your gorgeous garden.

Neha Animesh said...

beautiful, gorgeous and totally amazing! your garden that is! I too am an avid collector of plants and I especially love the flowering ones, and I must say Pree, that you have a very nice collection.

Right now, I am looking to add some frangipani to my garden as well...

Anonymous said...

Pree - You have an amazing collection of indoor plants. I just have some bamboo shoots, I would love to collect some good indoor plants. Could you give me some tips, as whether you can get them online/ homedepot.... and some of the vases or planters you have are amazing. Where can I get something similar?

Thanks for the reply. I will check back your blog for the response.


PreeOccupied said...

Anonymous, thanks!

I'd say start with low-maintenance ones like palms, they are low on maintenance but need some sunlight.

You will find many variety in them. We have a Yuca, you can try getting an Eureka palm, I think thats the spelling. Also, get cuttings of money plant and drop them in bottles of water, add shells and pebbles to make them pretty.

Not sure where you live, but if you are in North America, try Walmart and Ikea... I have a few plants from Ikea. Also visit your local nursery and ask for their suggestions, they are usually not very expensive. Let me know if this helps.

Anonymous said...

Pree - Thanks for the tips about house plants. I going to start trying with some palms and I like poinseitta. Let me try these 2 for now. We have Walmart nearby, but i dont think they carry any indoor plants now, given the holiday season. Spring is not too far.