Monday, August 30, 2010

Ladies by the Window…

I have been spending a lot of time reading in the sun...and I even have company!

Holding a book with one hand and patting your own back with the other can be a little challenging. But I do like what caught my eyes in a thrift shop. A very dusty couple of ladies with a blob of molten wax sitting in between them. I had to bring them home.



I scraped the wax off, wiped the ladies spanking clean, seated them on the window with some books. And placed a little planter between them.


And I even think both of them went off in chorus – thank you for bringing us home.

You are very welcome, ladies.


GB said...

Aah! I love thrifting...this is awesome Pree! (I once found a discarded kashmiri tray with wax drippings---I turned the hairdryer on them and they melted enough to get mopped up with a paper towel!!--like new!)

notyet100 said...

looks good,.