Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lakshmi for Good Fortune

When I was given this Lakshmi idol (as a wedding gift), I was told, “Baadi’r Lokkhi ke Ma Lokkhi dichchi.”

Meaning (not quite literally) - giving away the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, Lakshmi to the new bride.

That’s what M Mashi said handing me this heavy, carved-in-wood statue of Goddess Lakshmi.

IMG_9891 Apparently, this form of art is the same as seen in temples of South India.

IMG_9890 IMG_9893My Lokkhi sits in our living room by the windows…

IMG_9895 We Bengalis worship Lokkhi and have a special day for Lokkhi Pujo right after Durga Pujo. I remember the Lokkhi Pujo day in my Jethima’s house. The highlight of the day would be narkel nadu (coconut laddus), and other homemade goodies and an evening of fun and get together for us young people. Usually Lokkhi Pujo would be a low-key family affair, unlike the glitz and glamour of Durga Pujo.

Incidentally, I also realized that I have two little owls in Italian stone sitting right by the feet of the Goddess. Hindu mythology has it that the Owl is the bahon / vahan (carrier) of the Goddess of Wealth.


There is a pronounced and very strong connection between mythology and art in India. And also between belief and prayers.

From me to you, I hope and pray Ma Lokkhi brings good fortune and success, all year round…


GB said...

Thank you, thats so sweet of you! may she bring good fortune and happines your way as well.

Patricia Torres said...

Wow.. thats lovely.. the pics are just awesome... Pree!! thats fab!!

Wish you all the best this coming year... and may you have a blessed Durga Puja... :-)

Bong Mom said...

Sottiy khub shundor murti ta

Dev Kumar said...

This is beautiful Statues.Please write the rest of the article so that we can benifit from the same.

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